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There are many life skills developed during the elementary years of a child.  Our campus supports the development of life and leadership skills through individual and small group sessions, classroom guidance lessons, extracurricular programs, and motivational assemblies.

Bullying, divorce, academic failure, poverty, homelessness, death of a loved one, and more are reasons that cause children to lose focus in school.  Children facing such challenges need support and often do not know how to ask for help. 

Here are the four components to the Guidance and Counseling Program at Life School Cedar Hill:

v  Guidance Curriculum:  Classroom guidance lessons address skill development and application of the skills needed in everyday life.  Areas addressed:  Self-confidence development, Motivation to achieve, Decision-making, Goal-setting, Planning, Problem-solving, Interpersonal effectiveness (including social skills), Communication Skills, Cross-cultural effectiveness, Responsible Behavior.

v  Responsive Services:  Counselor addresses the immediate concerns of students for the purpose of prevention and intervention.  Areas addressed:  Academics, Relationships, Physical/sexual/emotional abuse as describe in Texas Family Code, Grief/loss, Substance abuse, Family issues, Harassment issues, Coping with stress, Suicide prevention.

v  Individual Planning:  Counselor assists students in monitoring and understanding their own development through planning and goal setting.  Areas addressed: Educational, Career, and Personal-Social Development.

v  System Support:  Guidance program development, Parent Education, Staff development for teachers, School improvement planning