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Hello Everyone!  Can you believe it?  The school year is already half over!

Below is a strategy to help your child complete his/her homework in a way that is beneficial to him/her.


Day 1:  Read the story only.

Day 2:  Read the passage again (2nd time) and write blurbs beside each paragraph.

Day 3:  Take a break - no work

Day 4:  Read the passage (3rd time) and answer the first ½ of the questions with text evidence.

Day 5:  Read the passage (4th time) and answer the remaining questions with text evidence.

    By completing the homework in this order, your child will have an opportunity to read the text multiple times making him/her extremely familiar with what is being read.  This will also help increase your child’s fluency. 


0 Tallies - E
1 - 4 Tallies - S
5 or more Tallies - N